Hummer Limo Hire in Bath

Hummer Hire in Bath & Somerset


Immerse yourself in the unparalleled luxury of a Hummer limousine, offered by Hummer Limo Hire. Hummer limos, crafted with precision and packed with innovative technology, promise not just a journey, but a remarkable experience. From weddings to corporate events, every occasion turns into a memorable saga aboard a Hummer limo.

Hummer Limos Vs Other Luxury Transportation

Comparison between Hummer Limos and Other Luxury Transport
FactorsHummer LimosOther Luxury Transportation
SpaceData pointData point

Our Hummer Models

We offer an array of Hummer models including the H2 and H3. Each model is equipped with feature-rich interiors, spacious dimensions and high safety standards. As the industry evolves, we keep a keen eye on the potential shift towards electric Hummer limousines.

Experience Bath and Somerset in a Hummer Limo

Bath and Somerset are brimming with cultural landmarks and vibrant events. Amplify your experience of these attractions by travelling in a Hummer limo from us.

Distances and Travel Times

Plan your trip with our detailed list of distances and estimated travel times from Bath to various other cities.

Getting a Quote

To obtain an informed quote, consider these criteria:

  • Pickup and drop-off points
  • Total mileage or trip duration
  • Hummer model selection
  • Booking dates and times
  • Purpose of hire
  • Budget considerations


Ready to experience luxury like never before? Visit for transparent online quotes, compare Hummer models, check availability, and book your dream ride in Bath, Somerset, and across the UK.

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